* Cloud Publisher [#ca2de106]

Cloud Publisher is a web application to create and manage digital signage contents.

** Usage [#l867a46c]

+ Prepare a browser which supports HTML5 Canvas. e.g. [[Firefox]] or [[Chrome]]
+ Login to Cloud Publisher http://moaione.com/publisher
+ Click ''New Program'' and edit it.
++ Title: The title of the program which is appeared in [[Cloud Museum]].
++ Sizeļ¼š To specify screen size by pixels. Currently you can choose only 1600x900, but don't worry. Actual size will be optimized when it plays.
++ Language: The language of the contents.
++ Author: The author name which is appeared in [[Cloud Museum]]

** Editing the program [#d8eeb8d7]

+ Login to [[Cloud Publisher]]
+ Edit attributes: You can edit title, description and so on.
+ Edit attributes: You can edit its title, description and so on.
+ Edit outline: Edit the detail of your program here. Add scenes and edit them.
+ Gallery: A storage for your pictures. Upload resources to be used in your program.
+ Preview: You can confirm how your program is played.

** Playing the program [#x9fc72ad]

An HTML5 supported browser or Android app Cloud Player is needed to play the program.

The program can be played by the following ways.

- Access [[Cloud Museum]] and show in full screen.
- Use Android app [[Cloud Player]]. Then search and play the program.

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