Dive to the dungeon deeply with using several actions, spells, and magic items.

How to play

Up,Down,Left,Right flick (slide your finger on the screen) or using trackball/keypad.
Action Menu
To open menu, tap on the character, click center button or Enter key.


The green bar above the main screen is your energy gauge. If you run out your energy, game is over. To recovery your energy, stand still for a while.


The blue bar below the main screen is your experience gauge. If your gauge becomes full, Your level is increased.

Scraping walls

To scrape a wall, go ahead against the wall.


To attack a monster, go ahead against the monster.

Treasure chest

Items can be obtained by opening treasure chest. To open a chest, go ahead against the chest.

Quick Launcher

You can pick 4 items from your inventory as quick launcher. They appear on corner of the main game screen as 4 boxes.

To set or change the launcher, long-press the corner box, and choose an item you like. So you will be able to use it quickly by tapping the box.

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