Cloud Publisher

Cloud Publisher is a web application to create and manage digital signage contents.


  1. Prepare a browser which supports HTML5 Canvas. e.g. Firefox? or Chrome?
  2. Login to Cloud Publisher
  3. Click New Program and edit it.
    1. Title: The title of the program which is appeared in Cloud Museum.
    2. Sizeļ¼š To specify screen size by pixels. Currently you can choose only 1600x900, but don't worry. Actual size will be optimized when it plays.
    3. Language: The language of the contents.
    4. Author: The author name which is appeared in Cloud Museum

Editing the program

  1. Login to Cloud Publisher
  2. Edit attributes: You can edit its title, description and so on.
  3. Edit outline: Edit the detail of your program here. Add scenes and edit them.
  4. Gallery: A storage for your pictures. Upload resources to be used in your program.
  5. Preview: You can confirm how your program is played.

Playing the program

An HTML5 supported browser or Android app Cloud Player is needed to play the program.

The program can be played by the following ways.

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